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Enter a live experience taught by dedicated, seasoned recruitment professionals with hand-on experience and cutting-edge technical skills.


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AdvancedLab 2.0
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Reserved for advanced sourcing professionals, AdvancedLab pushes the recruiting envelope with the latest innovative internet sourcing techniques. To get the most out of this course, SearchLab is a pre-requisite. AdvancedLab goes beyond practical methodologies with even more radical ways to source passive candidates. Once you've completed AdvancedLab, you'll have the opportunity to earn your ACIR (Advanced Certified Internet Recruiter) certification - proof you have mastered the most advanced sourcing techniques available to recruiters today.
Course Schedule
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Mon, 15 Feb 2016
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET
Mon, 21 Mar 2016
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM ET
Fri, 8 Apr 2016
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM PT
San Francisco
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Why Attend?
Advanced Learning for Experienced Sourcers

AdvancedLab is a highly sophisticated program that has been developed exclusively by AIRS for recruiting professionals who have previously mastered the fundamental techniques taught in SearchLab. Investing in AdvancedLab guarantees that you are at the forefront of candidate generation concepts and strategies. AIRS is the only recruitment training organization in the world with a team dedicated to monitoring and researching the latest sourcing tips, tricks and techniques on the web before anyone else knows about them -- fueling new industry trends and standards that become the best recruiting practices in the industry.

The Newest Ideas Giving You the Biggest Advantage

To be successful in recruiting, you need to be on the cutting-edge of what's happening in the industry. AIRS AdvancedLab helps you gain a huge advantage over your competition by giving you access to the tools and techniques they haven't even heard of yet! After learning the radical techniques taught in AdvancedLab, you can be confident that you've been equipped with the newest and most effective sourcing techniques for finding the best candidates fast -- before your competition does!

A Highly Interactive Environment

AdvancedLab allows recruiters to come together in a highly interactive environment for truly progressive learning and provides opportunities for sharing of ideas among the best and brightest in the industry. Recruiters are required to have taken SearchLab and mastered it's techniques before enrolling in AdvancedLab -- meaning that you will receive the most comprehensive and advanced learning experience among other recruiters of your advanced skill level. You'll not only learn from AIRS highly experienced Trainers, but by interacting and sharing valuable experiences and thought-provoking ideas with industry peers.

A New Industry Standard in Recruiter Certification

AIRS Certification proves that you have completed a rigorous course of training and have acquired cutting-edge sourcing skills. The Advanced Certified Internet Recruiter (ACIR) designation is the absolute highest-level of certification you can receive in the industry and a new professional standard in e-recruitment today. This is an extremely powerful career tool for recruiters and it demonstrates that you have attained elite status in your field. Everyone who attends AIRS AdvancedLab is allowed to sit for the ACIR exam for free.

Quality You Can Trust

AIRS is the world's largest recruitment training company and AdvancedLab is the most challenging and innovative course being offered in our training lineup. AIRS Training workshops have helped more than 150,000 alumni from 70% of the Fortune 500 and every major staffing firm. AIRS has a long history of excellence and quality, and that excellence isn't just a function of great research and technology. All AIRS trainers are experienced and knowledgeable professionals with extensive recruiting backgrounds and cutting-edge e-recruiting skills.

What you'll know after AdvancedLab 2.0
  • AIRS AdvancedLab will push internet sourcing further by expanding on the techniques learned in SearchLab to enhance the attendee's ability to find top passive talent.
  • Learn advanced Boolean commands that can help recruiters and sourcers refine their searches and dig deeper for the right results within a variety search engines
  • New and specialized search engines will be introduced to help locate passive candidate information faster.
  • Create your own customize search engine to personalize the search to produce quality leads.
  • New ways to look at metasearch and visual search engines and which models can expedite and organize your time online.
  • How to dig into social media sites to leverage profiles to find experienced talent and create a pipeline of contacts.
  • The latest mobile recruiting tools to streamline your searches and take your candidate sourcing tactics on the road.
  • The best browser extensions for saving time and effort while conducting targeted searches for the best talent available.
  • Multitasking sourcing techniques to save time and keystrokes while hunting for top talent to fill your most challenging job openings.
Additional Course Learning Resources
  • A comprehensive and detailed course manual filled with everything taught in the course.
  • The opportunity to take the AIRS Advanced Certified Internet Recruiter (ACIR) exam, the most respected and sought-after industry certification for recruiters.
  • Access to the AdvancedLab Portal filled with research and tactics, targeted links, recruitment news, directories and many more recruiting tools.
  • Lifetime AIRS Alumni membership, with quick answers to your sourcing questions.
  • Free stand alone re-certification exam.
  • Unlimited lifetime support to dedicated product support team.
  • Access to live instructor led key concepts review sessions during two year certification period.
  • Pre and post-class learning aides
  • Pre-class learning video
  • Exclusive AIRS discounts, alumni tools and AIRS community discussions.
Course Credits
HRCI Credit Hours:  6.5
The use of this seal is not an endorsement by the HR Certification Institute of the quality of the activity. It means that this activity has met the HR Certification Institute's criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit.
NAPS Credit Hours:  7